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Danielle Fawaz's Body Tool Program

This program can act as a supplement to your current program, or it can serve as your weekly training guide.  The body tool program requires only the use of your body, and you do not need any additional workout equipment.  What makes this program unique, is that it incorporates not only muscle building movements, but it provides a great cardio workout as well.  

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The Vibe 

Danielle is an energetic burst of happiness and positive rays of sunshine--with of killer set of abs (ummm...we'll take 10 of her please and thank you).  


The Low-Down

The low-down on Danielle is pretty simple.  Whether you are just starting out with personal training, or a veteran needing the extra push to hit those PR's, Danielle (D for short) will help you reach your goals.  Danielle will create a program that is unique to your body and goals through in person training or online training.   

The Speed Date

We sat down with Danielle for a quick speed date sesh to get a little more personal and figure out the one thing everyone wants to know..."How did you get those abs girl???".  Check out the interview below:

ZELO: So how did you land this whole trainer gig?  It seems like you were made for the fitness world.

DF: 100% by ACCIDENT. My current roommates at the time came to me mid-lunch and told me that our Student Rec center was hiring group fitness trainers and that they would be pumped to take a class if I offered one. I had no idea that anyone would have desire to come to me for training, but decided I had nothing to lose. As I came into the office the receptionist said "Are you Danielle Fawaz?" They then said they had been waiting for me. Definitely something I will never forget, given the fact that I had never applied for the job-I WAS STOKED.

ZELO: What is your training style with clients? 

DF: That all depends on the client! Taking into account any injuries, specific goals of the client, fears, and conditioning level. Most commonly, I love combining weights with sprints as well as high volume body weight endurance movements!

ZELO: What is your best fitness advice?

DF: Surround yourself with people who give a sh@# about their bodies and their health!! I am a huge advocate for surrounding yourself with people who you admire-this will yield more challenging and satisfying goals, with a major support team.

ZELO: Give us a play by play of what you eat on the reg...we need to know where those abs come from!

DF: I freakin' love eggs. 3 eggs sunny side up in olive oil with Lebanese bread.  This diet isn't for everyone though - I personally need tons of carbs because I burn calories, FAST.  I've always had a fast metabolism, so I have to try really hard to keep my muscle. 

Other than that peanut butter & honey on rice cakes, avocado ANYTHING, and I am always eating leftovers for lunch from dinner that i've cooked the night before (so many easy recipes!)  I eat clean the majority of the time, but I don't punish myself by missing out on fun events with friends just because I'm worried about eating clean.  Personally, I think it is just as important to have a fun meal with friends, as it is to kill yourself in the gym every day. 

ZELO: CHEAT MEALS...spill it. 

DF: Mexican. All day. And a Zaxby's birthday cake milkshake. THE END.

ZELO: What is your favorite healthy recipe?

DF: Sweet Potato pancakes!!! SO EASY.

-1 Large Sweet Potato

-3 eggs

-1tsp vanilla


Blend & cook in pan with coconut oil. AMAZING.

ZELO: What is your favorite gym in ATL?

DF: CROSSFIT 404 on Miami Circle in Buckhead. My boyfriend and I visited four CrossFit gyms in the area and knew we weren't going anywhere else when we found this place! Truly a blast to be apart of. From events, to frequent upgrades to the facility, and the belly laughter during every class, it is home for us.

ZELO: How many times per week do you workout and what do those workouts look like?

DF: I train 3-5 times/week depending on my travel schedule! I workout at Crossfit404, and as a trainer, it is a major relief to walk in and drop the reigns with programming for yourself.  I enjoy that.

ZELO: What does your cardio routine look like?

DF: Cardio is so not my friend. Well, just running. Other than sprints I am always having to mentally prepare myself for anything over a mile, and it's something I'm constantly working to improve!

ZELO: How do you stay motivated?

DF: Keeping my goals visual and constantly checking myself and my values with my best friend, Mariam. You have to have at least 1 or 2 people you can be 100% honest with about where you are in life. Everything looks great on social media from the outside, but just being able to have a reality check is motivating enough for me.

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