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Mario Jordan's Muscle Mass Attack Program

This 6-week program is for someone looking to add on serious muscle mass and take their physique to the next level.  It serves as a full time program with 5-6 workouts per week.  

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The Vibe 

When we met Mario, we knew he was a "No B.S." kind of guy, and we loved it.  He is focused on finding a success metric that is unique to each individual and building on that metric session after session.  You will never go into a training session without a purpose or goal in mind.  If you have a goal you want to meet, Mario will use his vast knowledge and experience to provide the most tailored personal training experience possible.


The Low-Down

Mario has been a personal trainer for 7 years.  He started his personal training business in Nashville, TN, where he focused on changing the lives of his clients by coaching a healthy mindset towards fitness and a healthy body as well.  Mario decided to expand his training business in the south by moving to Atlanta.  He trains online clients all over the country, and is currently accepting new in-person clients at Forum Athletic Club in Ponce City Market.

The Speed Date

ZELO: How did you become a personal trainer?

MJ: I’ve always been into fitness. When I was younger, I took martial arts (Wado Ryu/Japanese Jujitsu). But, I was small, so I lifted weights and would drink all kinds of muscle mass shakes to try to put on some size. Failed! None of it worked. As I got older, I had a job as a graphic designer. It was cool, but I needed a change. So I figured why not become a trainer and learn how to exercise for my own benefit as well as help others. The rest is history! I’ve been training for 7 years.

ZELO: What is your training style with clients?

MJ: I have an unorthodox way of training. It really can't be put into a specific category. While I’m a firm believer in form, I tend to step outside of the textbook when it comes to training. I push clients to their absolute limit! I don’t always count reps. Sometimes, but not always. I tell them to go til they can’t go anymore. Training is more mental than anything else. Often times a person will set a number in their minds and that’s all they will do when they could’ve done more. So, they are cheating themselves. So it’s my job to tap into their minds and push them beyond the limit they have set in their head.

ZELO: What is your best fitness advice?

MJ: Do it for yourself. This is a lifestyle. Not a summertime thing, or a vacation on the beach thing, and now you’re back to being lazy and eating junk. This should be apart of your everyday life for longevity and overall better health. Don’t do it for someone else. Do it for your own well being. It will be hard most of the time. But my grandfather always told me, “Things worth having don’t come easy.”

ZELO: Give us a play by play of what you eat daily?

MJ: I’m simple. I eat basic foods throughout the day. Like for breakfast, I eat 2 servings of oatmeal with strawberries and pecans, 6 boiled eggs ( the whole egg), and a shake. I’ll another meal in the morning around 7 or 8am. Keep in mind, I wake up at 3am, so I eat breakfast very early. My second meal might be salmon and potatoes and broccoli. After that i’ll have a snack. I usually keep almonds in my car so when I’m driving around, I snack on those. Lunch it’s usually chicken with vegetables and rice. I’ll switch it up here and there. I’ll have another snack, like a protein shake or a smoothie. Dinner varies. It depends on what I’m feeling at the time. I have kids and 2 out of 3 are picky! So, they play a big part in what’s for dinner. Though I do try to keep them eating healthy. I intake a lot of calories everyday because of my fast metabolism and intense workouts.

ZELO: Do you have cheat meals? IF so, what is your favorite?

MJ: Oh yeah I have cheat meals! I have two favorites. One is pizza with a beer or wine. I’ll eat the entire pizza by myself. Don’t judge me!  My second favorite is Jambalaya.

ZELO: How many times per week do you workout and what do those workouts look like?

MJ: I train 5-6 times a week. Most of the time it’s weight lifting. I’m a hardgainer, so cardio is very limited. I break up my workout routines into muscle groups. For example, One day I’ll work Chest and Biceps. Next day, Legs and core. Back and Triceps and etc. Some people ask me why do I work Chest and Biceps or Back and Triceps together? My reason is when you train chest you’re using your triceps. They are already being worked and fatigued. So, why not work a muscle that’s fresh and get the most out of it? I also, try to work legs every 4 days and place everything else around it. The legs are foundation of the body. Just like a building, you have to make sure the foundation is solid before you build upon it. Training legs produces the most human growth hormones which helps the entire body grow.

ZELO: What is your favorite health recipe?

MJ: My favorite is a chicken burrito. Told y’all i’m simple!

  1. 1 Wheat Tortilla
  2. Boneless Chicken Breast
  3. Salsa
  4. 1 Avocado
  5. ½ cup Raw Spinach
  6. Can of Black Beans
  7. 1 Serving of Brown Rice

Cook the chicken until completely done in a skillet with olive oil. Warm up the tortilla in a skillet or microwave for 30-45 seconds. Follow the direction on rice package and cook until done. Warm up the black beans. Start spreading the rice, beans, salsa, avocado on the tortilla. Cut up the chicken and add along with the raw spinach. Wrap it up and enjoy!

ZELO: How do you stay motivated?

MJ: My family keep me motivated. They are my “why”. I’m responsible for them. Making sure they are taken care of.Also, I try to keep negative energy out of my space. Believe me, I have my days when I feel down. But I don’t stay there for long. I have too much going for myself, and I’m blessed to be here. Things could always be a lot worse. Just gotta keep pushin’.

ZELO: What is your favorite gym in Atlanta?

MJ: The Forum Athletic Club- Ponce City Market! I’ve been to a few gyms in Atlanta, which were cool. But, nothing like The Forum. Not because I’m a trainer there, but I really like the equipment and the vibe of the gym. I feel at home!

ZELO: What does your cardio routine look like

MJ: If I do cardio it’s HIIT. I’ll do sprints or do a few rounds of kickboxing on the heavy bag. I can’t run for a long time. I’ll get bored. Plus I’ll lose too much weight. I’m trying to put on size.

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