Drumroll please...we are Starting a Tech Company!

The moment everyone's been waiting for...all five of you--mom, dad, brother and mother-in-law...we are starting a tech company!  Now before you call us and tell us we are crazy, just read my last post, and you'll see you aren't telling us anything we don't already know.  

But yeah...you heard me right, a guy from the HR world and a marketing chick are starting a tech company.  Our platform is called ZELO, pronounced like Z-ay-low, for those of you who don't speak Italian.  ZELO is a fitness platform of sorts, it will connect personal trainers with potential clients in their city.  

Chad and I saw two very visible problems in the personal training industry, one from the trainer's perspective and one from the consumer's perspective.  ZELO will solve both problems and bring clarity, simplicity and trust back to the personal training industry.  

I will explain the details of how, what, and why, but that is for a later post, make sure to check back.  For now, wish us luck below in the comments and send good vibes our way.

Talk to you all soon!