The Vibe 

Michelle, better known as "Meesh", has the rare character balance of being a poised individual with a big personality.  Not only does she have the sensitivity to understand your goals and aspirations, and the ability to inspire you with her energy, but her ability to command a bad ass killer workout is nothing short of impressive.  Needless to say, if you meet her, you will be enamored with her personality , and you will definitely want to look like her (ladies). 


The Low-Down

The low-down on Meesh will leave you questioning your time management, because this chick is a "GSD" (get shit done) kind of person.  Okay...take a deep breath before reading this long list of cool stuff about Michelle.  

  1. Group fitness instructor and personal trainer in Atlanta.
  2. Crossfit Games Athlete in 2010. 
  3. Played NAIA and NCAA D1 soccer at Brenau and Georgia State University.
  4. Physicians Relations Manager at one of Atlanta's largest hospitals. 

See?  We told you to take a deep about that 70 hour work week--exhausting, but bad ass!  

For Personal Training Contact Michelle:

Instagram: @witzel_mp

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