ZELO is a marketing platform that focuses on fitness and health professionals, fitness startups, or small businesses in the health and wellness industry.  We have found that most fitness professionals, health professionals and businesses are so focused on helping their clients, that they rarely ask for help themselves--that is where ZELO steps in.  Grow you brand, build your business, and help more clients. 

ZELO will support you every step of the way.

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ZELo services for the busy fitness professional:

  • Build and enhance your brand.
  • Create a marketing plan to help you build a better business.
  • Social media strategy and planning. 
  • Micro-site development to host your online programs, collect payment, preview your schedule and pricing to potential clients, host images, videos and share your bio so that people can get to know you as an expert.  
  • Photography, graphic design, and videography services.
  • ZELO marketplace to host and sell your online training services.
  • ZELO sponsored fitness challenges.
  • Online program redesign--we help you make your programs look sexy. 

ZELO services for businesses:

  • Brand discovery and enhancement.
  • Marketing strategy consulting and development.
  • Social media strategy and planning.
  • Company culture assessment, enhancement and growth plan.
  • Advertising services that include ad development, advertising strategy, ad placement and optimization. 
  • Photography, graphic design, and videography services.